Kelly O's Perfect Tally Ho {aka. Tally O}

Tally is the epitome of a Bullmastiff. A true breed standard, she's gentle and quiet, loyal and loving. We bred Tally out of Maggie and Bruno in August of 2011. She was a standout pup and we knew that we had to keep her. Tally is a tall girl and she weighs 120lbs on average. She has a beautiful and rare silver brindle coat that is short and tight hair. (Which makes for less shedding!) Thanks to her dad, she has a tighter jowl and produces significantly less drool, but yes Bullmastiffs do drool. (See our history of the breed page!) She Is currently expecting her first litter any time now, and she is bred to Master's Guardians Bocephus. Click through the photos below to see Tally O's pedigree and more photos of our sweet girl.