Kelly o's saint Bruno {aka Bruno}

I can bet that if you spent one second with Bruno, you would need to get yourself a Bullmastiff. He's the most fun-loving dog! We bought Bruno In 2009 after 2 full years of searching for the perfect stud to live with us. He's got a great short hair coat and perfect hips. He's the easiest dog to take care of, and our only one who loves to play fetch! As soon as he knows your are pulling down the street his tail starts wagging and he definitely smiles! Bruno was our easiest pup to train (he can even shut a door on command!), and he's great with the puppies! Bruno weighs in at about 100lbs, but do not underestimate him. Every muscle in his body can be seen, he's as strong as you're going to get in a dog. He has produced many puppies that look a lot like him, and he has helped us to breed our puppies with tighter jowls which drastically cuts back on the drool! Click below to see Bruno's pedigree and more photos of this cute stud!